Today or Later – the easy way of task management.

Key Features

  • Add new Tasks, simply by entering a task name in the input field or open a form with advanced settings.
  • The Today-View shows all tasks, scheduled for today. You can easily shift a task back to the ‘ToDo’
  • The ToDo-View is a collection of all tasks with no or future due dates. You can easily shift tasks to the ToDo
  • Built in time-tracking-system
  • Projects help you to organize your tasks. You can assign tasks to projects
  • Series are recurring tasks.  Define the rules, when and how often a task will be created automatically
  • The Archive contains all accomplished Tasks which are archived either manually or automatically. You can search and filter the archived tasks and delete the result to clear the database fromtime to time.
  • Backup / Restore: You can backup the task-database to the local filesystem of your device and transfer it to an other device
  • Support for Active-Frame

General Features

  • Completely FREE
  • Native BlackBerry 10 Cascades app
  • Latest BlackBerry 10 version (10.3.2) design language
  • Optimized for all BlackBerry 10 devices including BlackBerry Passport
  • No internet-connection needed
  • No malware