Create and save a set of locations where your business-partners, family members or friends are located and assign their preferred business times / wake times. You can easily observe the current or future time state of a selected location. The interactive meeting planner is a unique tool to find suitable meeting times. You can add a selected time to your calendar or share it with your contacts with one tap.  A must have tool for every BlackBerry 10 user with contacts world wide.

Key Features

  • World Time Clock – Current time and business time state of 22000 locations worldwide
  • Meeting Planner  –  Find a suitable time for an international meeting
  • Time Zone Converter – If it is 1pm in New York next week Friday, what time is it in Berlin?
  • Country Database – Which different timezones has Canada?
  • Time Zone Abbreviations Database – What exacly means ‘EEDT’ and in which countries is it used?

General Features

  • Free DEMO VERSION! No need to buy this app unseen
  • Native BB10 Cascades app
  • Latest BlackBerry 10 version (10.3.1) design language
  • Dark and bright theme support
  • Optimized for all BlackBerry 10 devices including BlackBerry Passport
  • Trackpad -support coming soon
  • No internet-connection needed
  • No malware, no advertising


  • Built-in database with more than 22000 locations worldwide
  • Search for cities or countries (city-search includes a synonym search)
  • Add a selected location to ‘My Locations’
  • Modify name, wake time and business time for each location
  • Assign your current home location
  • Assign your locations to the world clock or meeting planner with ease
  • Time switching houres are marked sepearately

World Time Clock

  • World time clock in grid view or list view
  • Current location time state is color coded

Location Details

  • Date, time, current state, sunrise, sunset and moonphase informations
  • Current local weather (internet connection needed)
  • Easy time zone converersion with the interactive timeline control
  • Share a selected time/date simply by tapping the matching cell in the interactive timeline
  • Add a selected time/date to your calendar simply by tapping the matching cell in the interactive timeline
  • View useful city and country information
  • Timezone information: View all time switching dates till 2030

Meeting Planner

  • Unique workflow, optimezed for BlackBerry 10 devices
  • Assign locations to the Meeting Planner
  • Set the date by a specially built easy to use calendar control
  • Find an appropriate time inside the interactive timeline where the color coded business times overlap
  • Share a selected time/date simply by tapping the matching cell inside the interactive timeline control
  • Add a selected time/date to your calendar by tapping the cell in the interactive timeline control
  • You can modify the selected time in 15 minute steps before sharing


  • Country Database with useful country information like capital city and currency
  • Search and filter the country database
  • Find the selected country on built-in earth map or map-application
  • Find all different timezones of the selected country
  • Add the country or region to your locations

Time Zone Abbreviations

  • Search for all  timezone abbreviation
  • View all countries or regions inside a country, using the selected timezone
  • Add country or region to your locations