Interval Timer with audio and visual feedback.
A must have tool for every kind of sport, for example workout exercises, interval- or boxing training.
Set your preferred color for each stage and be motivated by the female voice audio feedback.


  • Free Trial!
  • Native BB10 Cascades app.
  • Clean, uncluttered design, nicely animated color changes.
  • Ships with 5 predefined timer. You can adapt these timer to your needs.
  • Create an unlimited number of new timer.
  • Mark your favorite timer. Favorites will be sorted upwards.
  • Set name, number of rounds, length of warm-up time, work-time, rest-time, cool-down time and feedback options.
  • Several types of feedbacks to signal the beginning of a new stage.

Audio Feedback

  • You can hear the feedback sound easily even while listening to background music.
  • Select one of 4 sound schems (voice, boxing-bell, boxing-bell + voice, beep) separately for each timer.
  • A clear female voice tells you the number of the actual round.
  • Voice messages at 1 minute, 30 seconds and 10 seconds-countdown (each optional)

Other Feedback

  • Set different background- or text-colors for each stage.
  • Set different LED-colors for each stage (optional).
  • Vibration Feedback (optional).

Additional Features

  • Cheat Function: Skip stages just by selecting a stage in the list.
  • Orientation support: In landscape orientation the timer digits get all the space for better distance viewing.
  • Black Background (optional): Save more energy on AMOLED displays.
  • “Keep Awake Mode” (optional): Screen doesn’t turn off when the app is running.