This app is solely designed to organize your travel items and tasks. You can create multiple lists and store these for future reuse. The app is optimized for efficency. Adapt the views to your needs with several filter and grouping methods.
All necessary informations about the items and their target luggage are displayed. You can easily change the category or luggage of several items at once.
Packing List is developed in C++/Cascades for a fluid, native experience. All data is kept securely on the device, no webservice is required.
However, you can export and import your lists and share them with others.

Key Features

  • Create new packing lists
  • Use existing packing lists as templates (copy function)
  • More than 75 symbols in 7 different colors to decorate your packinglist symbol
  • Three different views of each packing list: ‘All Items’, ‘Categories’ and ‘Luggage’
  • Add Items with the fast input field or the edit-sheet with further options
  • Create simple lists without any categories or luggage
  • Add categories to organize huge lists. More  than 60 symbols in 7 different colors are available to create symbols for each category
  • Add luggage-categories to your packinglist. More  than 15 symbols in 7 different colors are available to visualize your luggage
  • Assign items to luggage, when suitable
  • Several sorting and grouping methods to adapt the views to your needs
  • Share items
  • Create BlackBerry Calendar entries from items
  • Export/Import single lists – share list files with others

General Features

  • Free DEMO VERSION! No need to buy this app unseen
  • Native BlackBerry 10 Cascades app
  • Latest BlackBerry 10 version (10.3.2) design language
  • Dark and bright theme support
  • Optimized for all BlackBerry 10 devices including BlackBerry Passport
  • No internet-connection needed
  • No malware, no advertising