Stylish timer with voice announcements

Talking Timer – never be too late again.
Set the time span or a target time and a voice tells you the remaining time in adjustable intervals. The regularly announcements keep you informed and you will never miss an important moment again. For example when you need to reach your flight on time or when you are monitoring your cookery.

Key Features

  • Talking Timer tells you the remaining time in adjustable intervals
  • The remaining time is announced by a female voice
  • Modify a running Timer on the fly by adding or substracting minutes
  • Create timer and save for a specific time span or a specific target time

General Features

  • Free DEMO-VERSION available! No need to buy this app unseen
  • Native BlackBerry 10 Cascades app
  • Latest BlackBerry 10 version 10.3 design language
  • Lightweight, uncluttererd design
  • Dark and bright theme support
  • Optimized for all BlackBerry 10 devices
  • No internet-connection needed
  • No malware, no advertising
  • Supported languages: English, German

Timer Features

  • Create as many timer as you want
  • Time span timer or target time timer
  • Timer shows the calculated target time
  • Add or substract minutes from a running timer on the fly
  • Assign a color to each timer symbol
  • Repeating voice announcements every 60, 30, 20, 15, or 10 minutes
  • Final announcements  15, 10, 5, 2, 1 minutes before end (optional)
  • Countdown (optional)
  • Signal sound before each announcement
  • Alarm sound when time is over
  • More than 20 built-in signal- and alarm sounds
  • Add your own sounds